William Mack Knight Bio, Net Worth & Facts About Emma Watson’s Ex

William Mack Knight – Bio, Net Worth & Facts About Emma Watson’s Ex

Since appearing as Hermione Granger in the largest children’s and youth film franchise in film history to date, Emma Watson has remained an A-movie star, although she has not appeared in anything as popular as the Harry Potter series since she became a full-fledged adult. Yet Watson’s star power has sparked massive interest in her personal life, including her relationship with William Mack Knight.

For about two years, William Mack Knight was the Harry Potter star’s well-known partner and possible future husband, until he ceased to be. The relationship raised his public profile and during this time we learned a lot about him. Read below to learn all about the ex-boyfriend of the star of Beauty and the Beast.

Who is William Mack Knight and How Old is He?

William Mack Knight was born on December 17, 1980, as the son of Katherine Mack Knight and Harrison Mack Knight. Not much is known about his background except that his father is the head of the famous country club, Creek Club, and his mother was a teacher who taught at the Holy Child Academy.

We also know that William Mack Knight is half twin brother of his parents, the other half is Tyson, with whom he has a close relationship.

William Mack Knight Bio, Net Worth & Facts About Emma Watson’s Ex
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For his education, William Mack Knight attended popular and expensive schools such as Tucson Valley Middle-High School, a school in his affluent neighborhood, Tucson Valley, New York. After completing his basic education, he applied and was admitted to Princeton University.

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At Princeton, William Mack Knight maintained his reputation as a brilliant student and graduated in 2003 with a degree in ecology and evolutionary biology.

After graduation, William Mack Knight returned to the classroom walls after several years of professional life and earned his MBA from Columbia Business School, which he completed in 2011.

So far in his career, William Mack Knight has worked for large companies such as Wells Fargo Banks and is currently believed to be working for Medallia Professional Services, a company in Silicon Valley. The company focuses on helping companies process customer feedback through the development and sale of software.

In the company, William Mack holds the role of Senior Manager.

Net Worth

William Mack’s background and professional career suggest that he was born into a wealthy family and has maintained his luxurious lifestyle throughout his life as a senior executive of a technology company.

He is believed to earn up to $150,000 a year in his company, which, combined with his background, is said to have earned him at least a six-figure fortune.

Relationship With Emma Watson

Raised as one of the stars of the Harry Potter films, Emma Watson’s relationship path was one of great speculation for fans of the franchise. The fact that Emma is a secretive person who tells little about her private life did not help suppress the speculation until she was seen with William Mack Knight in 2015.

William Mack Knight Bio, Net Worth & Facts About Emma Watson’s Ex
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Both were seen sometime in October 2015 on a Broadway show, Hamilton, which raised alarm about the existence of a relationship for the actress. As a result, details of their relationship began to emerge, and so far we have learned that they met earlier in the year and Emma Watson had met William Mack Knight’s parents.

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The couple, who had an age difference of ten years between them, had also been on many trips to different adventure locations and enjoyed a seemingly loving and stable relationship with each other, and rumors of a possible engagement began to fly.

However, for reasons as yet unknown, they separated sometime in 2017 and little has been heard of William Mack Knight since then.

More facts about William Mack Knight

1. William Mack has a social media presence, @wknight35, on Instagram, where he has a modest fan base of more than a thousand fans.

2. Besides his job, he is also known as an adrenaline junkie who spends a lot of time training. He is also a member of the Tough Mudder Alumni Network and some of his hobbies include tennis.

3. After they broke up, Emma Watson was in a relationship with Roberto Aguire and Chord Overstreet